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We can get you a whopping 165 amps when you rebuild with our kit. And no need to modify the rest of your electrical system. Next day shipping in most cases. Kit contains : 165 amp stator already installed in new front plate (not the one shown in pic) 2 new high quality bearings, already installed. Brand new rotor. New voltage regulator by Taditel origin in Anderson, IN. New rectifier 6 x 60 amp avalanche diodes (thermal grease installed) by Regitar USA from Montgomery, AL. New brushes and 2 insulators for extra protection.



Everything to restore 100k normal service with all the extra power you need. We maintain full inventory forfast shipping priority USPS arrives most US destinations in 2 days or less. Top shelf quality parts arrive ready to install. Warranty for a period of 1 year. Watch our free video to see how easy it is and how to minimize downtime. Notice the style of the black plastic cover (no triangle shaped holes) and no cooling fan behind the pulley on the front. This identifies the 130D kit.


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