Ford’s newest family of alternators is the 6g. Identify the 110amp by measuring 4 3/4 inches from bolt to bolt.  Also, there is a gray plastic cover in the center of the  back plate. If you have a white with black voltage regulator, it updates to white with blue.


Kit includes: Voltage reulator/ brush ass’y, 2 new bearings, plastic bearing race and cover, new slip ring.

6g white blue


Single lead Double lead

single lead                         Double lead

We would like to encourage you to purchase a rectifier at a special price. Often these diodes are prone to failure in this particular unit. Please make sure you have a single lead rectifier like the pics below.



If you don’t want to spend the time soldering on the new slip ring, you can always order a brand new rotor. This brings the unit life expectancy to the quality of  a brand new alternator !

6g 110amp Rotor

Here are the links to watch how to rebuild your 6G alternator repair kit. This includes how to replace the slip ring. The other set of videos shows how to go through the rest of the rebuild process.

Here is the rest of the rebuild process.