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Towing Vehicles

If you think your stock alternator is able to power anything you throw at it, think again. Even the simplest of things like safety beacons have been known to kill off stock alternators, let alone safety lights, light bars or winches. The alternator as a component, generally taken, is very underrated and quite often overlooked. […]

Roadside Assistance Vehicles & Volunteer Firemen

Assistance vehicles are some of the most underrated vehicles on the road. Sure, we’re all aware of their existence but not a lot of people seem to appreciate what they do. Simply put, a roadside assistance vehicle can sometimes be more important than the police or even the ambulance because if they can get a […]

Aftermarket add-ons

There’s as many car add-ons as there are cars, from useful everyday gadgets making your life easier to cool looking accessories adding some flare and uniqueness to your vehicle. Love them or hate them, they’re undeniably popular in nearly every market in the world. Lots of people tend to customize their car with aftermarket equipment, […]

High Output Audio Systems

When it comes to car audio, it’s no secret that everyone wants to have the best and loudest system possible. You may never get to use the full potential of your system, but it is great knowing that if you need it, it is right there. Not to mention the awesome bragging rights it gives […]

Specialized Work Vehicle

When you think of specialized vehicles, you most often think of a police car, an ambulance or even a fire truck. A specialized work vehicle however, can be just about anything designed to do a certain task. So basically if it has a specific purpose, it can be used as a specialized work vehicle. Now […]

Off-Road Vehicles

You may not have considered it sooner, but the necessity of a high amp alternator becomes increasingly larger the more accessories you’re running. Contrary to popular belief a more powerful alternator is needed in more applications rather than just for powerful audio systems or subwoofers in the trunk. A stock alternator can only offer you […]


Ford’s newest family of alternators is the 6g. Identify the 110amp by measuring 4 3/4 inches from bolt to bolt.  Also, there is a gray plastic cover in the center of the  back plate. If you have a white with black voltage regulator, it updates to white with blue.   Kit includes: Voltage reulator/ brush […]


The AD230 became common on GM vehicles as early as 1999 and was mostly on trucks through 2005 and possibly a little later. You know you have an AD series alternator when you see the black plastic cover with all the triangular and rectangular shaped holes.    Kit includes : New rectifier, 2 new bearings […]

Bosch Alternator

This is the very common 136amp Bosch alternator for many Dodge trucks Kit numbers 13916, 13843,13854, 13985, 11235, 13987, 13881, 13920, 11239 & 13917. There is no voltage regulator for this kit because the regulator is in the vehicle’s computer.   Kit includes : 2 bearings, brush holder ass’y, nylon tolerance ring for rear bearing, […]