This is one of the most common Valeo alternators. It is used by many GM cars with the 2.2 4cyl Ecotech engine. The plastic rear cover is held on by 2 plastic rivets that get chiseled off with a screwdriver and replaced with supplied sheet metal screws. Some rebuilders also use RTV silicone to glue the plastic cover back in place after the rebuild is complete. This alternator looks complex but is actually one of the EASIEST kits we offer!


The 13944 comes with 2 or 3 pin plugs but they are interchangeable. The third pin is blank.

Valeo 13944 kit includes: Bearings, new voltage regulator/brush holder ass’y, and special 2 prong bearing puller

Also, taped to the lid of the box is a special tool for plastic lid removal and 2 screws for re- installation