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Bosch Alternator

This is the very common 136amp Bosch alternator for many Dodge trucks Kit numbers 13916, 13843,13854, 13985, 11235, 13987, 13881, 13920, 11239 & 13917. There is no voltage regulator for this kit because the regulator is in the vehicle’s computer.   Kit includes : 2 bearings, brush holder ass’y, nylon tolerance ring for rear bearing, […]

Denso Pin

The Denso Pin kit is common on many Dodge and Chrysler products.  The Dodge, Chrysler has no internal voltage regulator. The regulator is in the on board computer. It’s kit name is beacause of the 2 pins in the oval shaped plug as shown in the 2nd pic below. Some Chrysler products will be equipped with Bosch alternators. […]


This is Ford’s most prevalent starter since 1991. Rebuilders call it PMGR (permanent magnet gear reduction). When you dis- assemble it, you’ll notice the man made magnets instead of electrical fields and the 3 planetary gears in the middle.  The kit gets its name from the smallest terminal on the solenoid and the 10 teeth on the […]