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The AD230 became common on GM vehicles as early as 1999 and was mostly on trucks through 2005 and possibly a little later. You know you have an AD series alternator when you see the black plastic cover with all the triangular and rectangular shaped holes.    Kit includes : New rectifier, 2 new bearings […]

Denso Pin

The Denso Pin kit is common on many Dodge and Chrysler products.  The Dodge, Chrysler has no internal voltage regulator. The regulator is in the on board computer. It’s kit name is beacause of the 2 pins in the oval shaped plug as shown in the 2nd pic below. Some Chrysler products will be equipped with Bosch alternators. […]


The 130D alternator (on many GM’s from ’94 to roughly 2004)  is recognize able by it’s black plastic back and internal cooling fan.  There are many mounting configurations but the amperage ratings are basically the same. The same kit is universal except for a few isolated applications may have a special voltage regulator. Kit contains […]


The 4G ford alternator family became common in 1997 and occurs thru 2006, although not as common as in the beginning. It is easily recognizable by the black metal cover on the back of the alternator.  “Gray” refers to the color of the voltage regulator. This is the piece where the 3 pin connector is plugged in. […]


The 3g is Ford’s most popular alternator for 91-2003. Some vehicles are equipped with the 3g even later than that. You know you have a 3g if you can see the entire gray or white voltage regulator on the back of the alternator. The regulator is what you had to unplug the wires from. There is no visible cooling […]